<h1>Shree  Swami Samarth</h1>

Short Biography of Shree Maharaj

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Meeting with Shree Narayan Maharaj Yargattikar at Chimad

A few days after the year 1963, Shree Maharaj had been to village Chimad alongwith Shri Jeevanrao Khsirasagar. At that time in Chimad Math, Shree Narayan Maharaj Yargattikar was occupying the seat. Shree Swami Swaroopanand also belonged to this Chimad Samprada (tradition). Shree Maharaj informed Shree Yargattikar Maharaj about the criticism passed by Shree Swami Swaroopanand. Shree Maharaj addressed Shree Yargattikar Maharaj. Thus, "I am a real disciple of my Sadguru (Guruputra) I never do anything without the orders of my sadguru (preceptor). Under such circumstances, I donot understand why Shree Swami Swaroopanand has criticised about my working ?"

To prove the prestige of the real preceptor – disciple relationship, he did one divine act. In Chimad there was a big very deep well, full of water. There were iron girders on this well. At the bottom of the well, there was an idol of Lord Shiva. Inspite of the objection by Shree Yargattikar Maharaj, by taking bale leaves (sacred leaves of bale tree) and flowers in the hand, Shree Maharaj jumped into the well. He went to the bottom of the well and worshipped Lord Shiva with flowers and bale leaves and came up without any problems.

By seeing this divine act of Shree Maharaj, Shree Yargattikar Maharaj said "You are a real disciple (Guruputra) of a sadguru (preceptor). It is certainly true that you do not do anything without the orders of your Sadguru."