<h1>Shree  Swami Samarth</h1>

A short biography of Shree Sadguru Ramanand Beedkar Maharaj

Shree Beedkar Maharaj

The most ardent disciple of


Akkalkot Niwasi Shree Swami Samarth.


Table of Contents


Early days

Journey to Pandharpur & meeting with Vithoba

Goddess Saptashringee

Family responsibilities & Business

The Baroda Vegetable Market

Meeting with the Ruler of Gwalior


Art of Alchemy & wealth

Sarcastic remarks of a Saint & the search of Sadguru

Akkalkot Niwasi Shree Swami Samarth

The Cobra

The Narmada Parikrama

The Tiger

Trishulpani forest

Shree Beedkar Maharaj takes on the Piles illness from a Brahmin

Trishulpani forest…again

Post Parikrama

Banaras & Prayag Yatra

At the Kumbh Mela

Gaya Yatra

Journey to Audumber & Narsobawadi

Journey to Dehu & Alandi

An Avadhoot appears in front of Shree Beedkar Maharaj

Back to Pune & Daily routine

The British Soldier

“Why me alone, I can take you with me and jump down”

Deteriorating Health & Plague

Daily life at Shaniwarpeth

His Teachings & Wisdom

Temple in Nashik

Aaisaheb and her final days


Swaroop Sampradaya

Picture of Sow. Janakibai


Temple Information




Akkalkot Niwasi Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj wished that the unique school of theosophy viz. Swaroop Sampradaya32 be propagated once again enthusiastically and hence designated his most ardent and able disciple, Shree Sadguru Ramanand Beedkar Maharaj to establish a hermitage in Pune City , Maharashtra State.


Shree Sadguru Ramanand Beedkar Maharaj was born on November 22, 1839 in a rich family of Shri Balavantrai and Gangutai and was named as Ramanand. His father was working as Chieftain under British rule.


At the tender age of seven, he lost his father. The then British rulers offered a pension of two hundred rupees to his mother; who declined to accept it on the grounds of self-respect and her resolve not to subsist on the help of foreigners.


In his childhood, he went alone on a pilgrimage to Pandharpur3 . Though there was the hustle and bustle of the crowd, it was no less than the Almighty Himself assuming the form of a Badawa (a member of the establishment of the Brahmins entertained at the temple of Vithoba at Pandharpur for the service of idol) who guided him and put him straight at the feet of the idol of the deity in the Gabhara30


When he had gone to Goddess Saptashringee at the Saptashringee, Nasik District, Maharashtra State, Western India, the Veeda10 which was kept in the mouth of the idol of the Goddess as an offering, suddenly fell in his hands indicating great favour of that Goddess rarely experienced.


After his father passed away the family fortune started dwindling and hence immediately after his schooling, he started trading. He earned good reputation in diamond valuation as well as in the trade of gold, silver, precious stones and also scents and perfumes. To gather immense wealth, he travelled crazily in search of yogis [transcendentalists] who could teach him techniques to amass wealth. From one such person, he learnt the practices of the much-desired Art of Alchemy51 and thus became immensely wealthy. He relished the wealth and enjoyed every pleasure one can imagine. However, ultimately he was disillusioned with material comforts. He yearned for spiritual development and did Upasana31 with Hanuman as his Lord of the Heart. He was guided by Hanuman to seek the blessings of Shree Swami Samarth of Akkalkot.


In the very first meeting, Shree Swami Samarth tested him by a show of his fiery temper. Shree Beedkar Maharaj became an ardent devotee of Shree Swami Samarth and took regular pilgrimages to Akkalkot. On his third visit, when he was massaging the feet of Shree Swami Samarth at night, a dark poisonous cobra emerged out of Shree Swami Samarth's knee and started hissing at Shree Beedkar Maharaj. However, Shree Beedkar Maharaj courageously continued his service. The next moment Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj got up and slapped Shree Beedkar Maharaj. With this slap, Shree Beedkar Maharaj instantly passed into trance and entered Samadhi20 which, lasted for 12 hours. Since the very moment, he experienced himself totally detached from worldly matters. Shree Beedkar Maharaj thus attained Vairagya21.


Shree Swami Samarth ordered him to undertake Narmada Parikrama, an arduous circular pilgrimage of the entire route of the river Narmada. With only two pieces of panchas (cloth) on his body, he took up this pilgrimage. During this pilgrimage he faced extremely tanning conditions in terms of severe cold, burning hot sun, continuous bare foot walk on the sand, no food or water for 45 days etc. But it helped him to destroy his body identification. Further, during this extensive travel he enlightened many devotees. Finally after 21/2 years of highly eventful pilgrimage, he returned to Pune where he stayed for most of the part of his life.


In obedience to the order of Shree Swami Samarth, Shree Beedkar Maharaj set up a Muth29 in Pune and worked towards spreading of Swaroop Sampradaya. He enriched many seekers of self with spiritual experiences of a very high order. He spread the spiritual lore with the help of a few ardent disciples like Anna Maharaj Bahutale and Mukundrao Moghe. He blessed Shree Sadguru Baba Maharaj alias Shree Raosaheb Sahasrabuddhe with his grace by placing his hand on the latter’s head and entrusted to him the task of continuing the tradition of Swaroop Sampradaya.


Shree Beedkar Maharaj propagated spiritualism for the upliftment of his Devotees through simple teachings such as "alertness in day to day material life is the first step towards the goal of spiritualism".


Shree Swami Samarth had warned him thus, "Ramya (Ramanand) serving food to somebody unless he is hungry, will fail to serve any purpose. The food will be wasted". There upon Shree Beedkar Maharaj said, "Anybody can feed a hungry person". It was with such magnanimity that he distributed freely amongst his devotees the wealth of spiritualism. Never would he feel tired of preaching.


He used to say, "People shouldn't take to treachery or perfidy for the sake of material gains. Only by the truthfulness and following principles of the Hindu religion, can a person get earthly and heavenly gains."


"One can recover the material losses by putting in more efforts and doing more work but one can never recover the loss due to corruption of one's character, values and religious principles and when such loss occurs the downfall of the society as a whole, is imminent.”


He used to assure his disciples "Just as the cow-dung fallen on the earth, bound to lift some earth with it; you too, who have taken my refuge, shall definitely achieve some spiritual development " (depending upon individual capacities).


In 1913, he attained Mahasamadhi in Pune. Amongst his disciples the most noteworthy was Shree Baba Maharaj Sahasrabuddhe.



|| Swami Samarth ||

Early days


The greatest of the disciples, of Shree Akkalkot Swami Samarth, who enjoyed the worldly pleasures to the utmost degree, but who made a complete reversal and attained the highest and the most excellent place in the field of Divine Truth, such a well determined, daring, unyielding, unparalleled and remarkable Shree Ramchandra Balawant Beedkar Maharaj (Ramanand Beedkar) was born on 22nd day of November 1839, to the couple,   Shri Balawantrao and Gangubai.


            He had four elder sisters and one elder brother. The youngest Ramchandra known as Shree Beedkar Maharaj later on, was the darling of his father.  Because of this excessive fondling, he was not sent to school till the age of seven years by his father.  But his father had taught him with affection, all the alphabets, arithmetical Rules and oral accounting etc.  Thus Ramchandra was brought up in a well-to-do and a wealthy way of life by his father, who was also working as one of the trusted ones under the wealthy Peshwai of Pune.


            Unfortunately, very soon he lost his father and his elder brother forsook the house on the thirteenth day after the death of his father.  Surprisingly, even the cow whose milk Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to drink directly from the cow’s nipple, also disappeared on the thirteenth day.


            Under such strange and difficult circumstances, his mother Gangubai managed to look after the family.  She enrolled him in the Marathi School.


            Fair complexioned with bright lustrous eyes and charming body stature, Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to normally attract everybody’s attention and especially that of Dr. Ganapatrao, who was so much impressed that he kept this boy in his house assuring that this boy would be useful in future for acting in dramas.  But later on the clear thoughts, vigorous behaviour and firm replies of Shree Beedkar Maharaj did not serve the main purpose of Dr. Ganapatrao and he was very much disappointed.


            Later on, one gentleman Shri Trimbakrao Kibe, took Shree Beedkar Maharaj to his house for education purpose.  But Shri Trimbakrao found that Shree Beedkar Maharaj had no interest in studies and hence he was entrusted with the purchases of Karavya.  In this business, Shree Beedkar Maharaj earned a profit of about fifty rupees and with this money he started money-lending business.  On account of his shrewd and inquisitive nature as well as his strong liking for business, Shree Maharaj simultaneously started the business of commission agent along with money lending business.


Journey to Pandharpur & meeting with Vithoba


            Wearing a Vasudev Cap1 and underwear, Shree Beedkar Maharaj, from childhood, was in the regular habit of visiting temples at Belbaugh and Tulsibaug2.  He had an inordinate attraction towards God.  In a particular year, he and his friends as planned, began their journey to go to Pandharpur3 on foot along with the palakhi4.  But after walking for five to six miles, his friends got tired and refused to go ahead in spite of the repeated persuasion by Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Ultimately, Shree Beedkar Maharaj arranged to send his friends back in a bullock cart and in that young age he continued his journey alone on foot along with the pilgrims and finally reached Pandharpur.


Inside the temple as well as outside of Lord Vithoba, there was a big crowd of the Pilgrims.  By seeing that big crowd, he felt that he would not be able to get the Divine sight of Lord Vithoba and this very thought suddenly made him cry.  At this time, a miracle took place and a dark complexioned worthless old man came near this young Shree Beedkar Maharaj and took him by hand inside the temple very near to the idol of Lord Vithoba.  Not only this, the same old man took out one of the garlands from the neck of Lord Vithoba and put the same around the neck of this young Shree Beedkar Maharaj and then this old man took Shree Beedkar Maharaj out of the temple in the open space and left him there.  That old man was known by the name Vitthal Badawa5 and he disappeared after this.  He was none else than Lord Vithoba himself who had come to the rescue of this young Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


Goddess Saptashringee


            After returning to Pune from Pandharpur, as he desired to study English in a school, he came to the city Dhule6 along with a friend. At Dhule, the school told him that a letter would be required from the parents for getting admission to the English School. On hearing this, Shree Beedkar Maharaj was disappointed and gave up the idea of English Education altogether and both he and his friend, planned to go to Saptashringee7.


Goddess Saptashringee blessed him with a Divine Vision in a dream and advised him to give up the friendship with his friend and return to Pune.  His friend refused to leave the place insisting for the Divine Vision in his dream also and to his surprise his dhotee8 caught fire during his sleep all of a sudden.  By seeing this incident he suspected his friend Shree Beedkar Maharaj to be the cause and hence decided to continue staying there.  But on the third day, Goddess Saptashringee came in his dream and angrily ordered him to go back since his purpose would not be fulfilled. 


Due to this incident his friend left the place for Pune leaving behind Shree Beedkar Maharaj without giving Shree Beedkar Maharaj any money for his expenses.  Thus Shree Beedkar Maharaj was left alone without any money.  Fortunately he was helped by a sanyasi9 at Saptashringee.


            While Shree Beedkar Maharaj was at Saptashringee, a miracle took place.  One night he had been to Goddess Saptashringee for blessings.  As per the custom, trayodashguni veeda10 was placed in the mouth of Goddess Saptashringee.  No sooner Shree Beedkar Maharaj stood with folded hands before the Goddess for her blessings, the Veeda fell down.  It was a miracle since this Veeda never fell before in the past.  The devotees standing there clapped their hands for this miracle and respected Shree Beedkar Maharaj saying “ You are a great devotee and the Goddess has blessed you.”  So saying the devotees presented that Veeda to Shree Beedkar Maharaj, who accepted the same with great devotion.  Later on, as per the advice of the Goddess, Shree Beedkar Maharaj returned to Pune.


Family responsibilities & Business


            After the disappearance of his elder bother, Shree Beedkar Maharaj had to shoulder all the responsibilities of the family.  Since he was not earning enough money by doing some small jobs in the local Court, he took some loan and started money lending business.  Due to the shortage of funds he left this business and started working in a perfume shop.  There he learnt a lot about the perfumes.  Based on his ingenuity, hard work, patience and firmness he started his own perfume business as well as money lending business and his fate and good fortune supported him fully.


            Once he purchased old copper and brass vessels, belonging to the old mansions of Peshwas, for only Rs.150/-.  By his great fortune, he got one Samai11 made of Gold containing diamonds and rubies in the hollow portion of the Samai.


            In spite of getting so much of wealth he did not give up his business.  He had a remarkable gift of examining precious stones.  For business purpose he had toured the entire Maharashtra and this increased his versatility and shrewdness.  He used to normally wear clean and attractive dress like a costly upper jacket, silk kerchief bordered with gold thread work covering the head, ear adorned with ear ornaments, silk dhotee, silk upper garment (loosely worn) and Puneri Shoes12.


            Such an attractive dress normally worn by Shree Beedkar Maharaj along with his sweet and penetrating speech, not only used to enliven his impressive personality but also used to create a striking impression on others.  His business was normally with wealthy people and he used to get enough profit and at the same time get acquainted with rich people. 


            Shree Beedkar Maharaj was a great devotee of  Hanuman13.  On account of his firm faith in the Hindu religion, he used to carry on properly all the family duties and traditions, festivals, ceremonial dinners to the Brahmins14 and loud recital of Vedic hymns.  Shree Beedkar Maharaj had an excellent art of maintaining oneness amongst all his relatives and family members.  He had also a fine taste in purchasing the best of the things as well as rare articles. He was very careful to see that all these best of the things & rare articles should be available to all his family members.  As per him, the greediness and the jealousy were the basic cause of any family feud.  Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to advise everybody that the angry passions of the relatives always would sow the seed for sorrow in the family.


            It would be a great surprise if such an ingenious person were not dear to his mother.  Even Shree Beedkar Maharaj was devoted to his mother to the utmost degree.   He always used to say that “you would be successful in all your works provided you keep your parents happy”.


The Baroda Vegetable Market


            In spite of possessing such remarkable good qualities, merely by keeping bad company in young age and also due to his excessive greediness for wealth, Shree Beedkar Maharaj got himself entangled with lustful women.  This fascination to lustful women always takes a person towards one’s destruction.  The condition of Shree Beedkar Maharaj also became like this.  Except for his mother, he was not afraid of anybody.  Slowly and steadily, his growing lust in the weaker sex decreased his attention in his business and his financial condition started deteriorating.  His own relatives humiliated Shree Beedkar Maharaj. 


Ultimately he got disgusted and he went to the then Baroda state.  He desired to meet the ruler of the then, Baroda State, in person.  But it was extremely difficult to have direct access with the ruler of the Baroda State, so he thought of a plan.  He met all the agents of the vegetable market and he himself started purchasing all the vegetables available in the market.  He did this for three days, when the ruler of the Baroda State   heard about this incident, he wanted to personally see this eccentric person who used to purchase all the vegetables available in the market and so he sent his car to bring this eccentric person. 


Wearing an expensive outfit, Shree Beedkar Maharaj put up a grand appearance before the ruler of the Baroda State. After the personal meeting with the ruler, he frankly expressed his main purpose for doing this eccentric feat.  The ruler of Baroda was extremely happy at the shrewdness, oratory and courage of Shree Beedkar Maharaj and gave an order not only to supply first grade ration items to Shree Beedkar Maharaj but also purchased all the perfume items available with him.


Meeting with the Ruler of Gwalior


            After this, Shree Beedkar Maharaj desired to meet the ruler of the then Gwalior State and he went to Gwalior.  At Gwalior Station, by using shrewdness and good judgment, he kept all his boxes containing incense sticks and perfumes at the station and managed to get a special sanction for paying taxes in part, whenever the boxes were being taken out from the station and thereby saved money.


            Again for a personal meeting with the ruler of Gwalior, he planned for a feat to attract the attention of the ruler just as he did at Baroda.  There was one open ground (Gorakhi Maidan) in front of the palace of the ruler of Gwalior.  He took three boxes of incense sticks and started burning them in the evening.  The fragrance from the incense sticks spread everywhere and reached up to the palace.  The ruler was surprised and sent for Shree Beedkar Maharaj.  Shree Beedkar Maharaj entered the palace and stood before the ruler and after paying due respect he said, “I am coming from Beed.  My noble ancestors had served under this Government and in the honour of your Majesty, I have burnt all these incense sticks”. By hearing this penetrating reply, the ruler of Gwalior was very much pleased and sanctioned not only a first grade ration to Shree Beedkar Maharaj but also arranged to purchase all the boxes of incense sticks and perfume from him.


            Thus Shree Beedkar Maharaj started getting a lot of respect and gifts from the royal court and this irritated a number of mischievous people in Gwalior.  In order to lower his respect in the eyes of the ruler of Gwalior, these people hatched a plan and invited Shree Beedkar Maharaj for a feat and fed him opium and other intoxicating things in his food.  But Shree Beedkar Maharaj was saved from this danger and by his skill and cleverness he exposed this secret plan of these mischievous people in the royal court. Pleased by this, the ruler favoured him with more gifts.


            Shree Beedkar Maharaj also earned a lot of respect and gifts by his cleverness and skill from the royal courts of Jaipur, Satara and Akkalkot.  He also managed to sell a lot of his goods of perfumes and incense sticks in these royal courts.





At the age of 21, his mother got him married to a girl Rangubai, the daughter of Ramji Appaji Patil of Kedgaon25, near Nagar District.  He had a daughter and when she grew up and was of marriageable age, he got her married  to Raghunathrao Jaykrishnanaro Deshmukh Raje, the ruler of Raver26 of the then Khandesh State.  After the birth of a daughter (grand daughter of Shree Beedkar Maharaj) this daughter of Shree Beedkar Maharaj left this world.  This grand daugher was married to Jahagirdar Hingane, of Chandori town of Nasik District.


Art of Alchemy & wealth


            On account of the close association of a number of royal courts of different states, Shree Beedkar Maharaj got enough wealth but it also increased his addiction to the vices and this in turn brought down his financial position.  To earn more money he tried to get favors from saints, mendicants, fakir16 and avalia17.  He met one such Avalia in Kalyan27 and the Avalia taught Shree Beedkar Maharaj the art of alchemy (the art of transforming base metal into gold).  By utilizing this art of alchemy, Shree Beedkar Maharaj earned abundant wealth up to the age of 35 years, and with that wealth, he enjoyed all the pleasures to the utmost degree.  Even then, he was never satisfied.  He wanted to amass still more wealth, for which, he went to the holy place Rishikesh near Haridwaar, Uttar Pradesh in search of the Avalia. 


Sarcastic remarks of a Saint & the search of Sadguru


At Rishikesh, he came across one saint and Shree Beedkar Maharaj started visiting the saint regularly but he was not satisfied with the philosophy of the saint.  The saint addressed Shree Beedkar Maharaj in the presence of a number of people.  “You have to accept asceticism otherwise you cannot achieve anything.  You are enjoying all the pleasures of your life to the utmost degree.  But you are not still fit for achieving the life’s highest truth, that is, the Divine Truth”.


            The sarcastic remarks of the saint touched the heart of this strong minded as well as firmly resolved Beedkar Maharaj, and he took a vow in the presence of the people present there, that he would put an end to his voluptuous life and achieve the life’s highest truth, that is, the Divine Truth and he left that place with doggedness and strong will, hoping to get the blessings from that same saint one day.  But he became restless and could not think of any immediate step.  Ultimately, he started worshipping his family deity, Hanuman (Monkey God) rigorously. Pleased by his strong devotion, one day, Hanuman blessed him, with a vision in a dream, advising him to go to Akkalkot to take the blessings from Shree Swami Samarth (Incarnation of Lord Dattatreya) and Shree Beedkar Maharaj left for Akkalkot, a holy place located in Solapur District, Maharashtra State.


Akkalkot Niwasi Shree Swami Samarth


            In Akkalkot he put himself up in the house of Shri Appasaheb Sherkhane.  He was so much determined that he took a vow not to accept any food without taking the blessings from Shree Swami Samarth.  Just at that time, Shree Swami Samarth had gone to the palace of the then ruler of Akkalkot and there was no possibility of his coming out of the palace at least for the next fifteen days.  Shree Beedkar Maharaj was not ready to break his vow.  He carried out severe fasting for two days.  In the palace, Shree Swami Samarth started uproar, saying “You are imprisoning me!  My devotees are facing difficulties as they are not getting my blessings”.


            So saying with an uproar, Shree Swami Samarth, jumped from the wall of the palace and came out of the palace, possibly only for the sake of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


            When Shree Beedkar Maharaj came to know about this, he took a bath and taking all the pooja sahitya18 went to Shree Swami Samarth and offered his worship and surrendered himself at the feet of Shree Swami Samarth, for his blessings. Shree Swamiji asked him “Why are you bowing at my feet?” Shree Beedkar Maharaj replied appropriately “I want a very firm foundation (I want your full blessing)”.  Shree Swami Samarth pointed his finger to the deer skin and said “See there”.  Shree Beedkar Maharaj did not understand properly the purpose of showing deer’s skin and said, “I am ignorant”. By hearing this, Shree Swami Samarth became very angry and started abusing Shree Beedkar Maharaj.  Other devotees present there became nervous but Shree Beedkar Maharaj stood there with steadfastness and patience without getting nervous by the abuses.  At the end, Swami Samarth said, “Now you go from here.  Your work is done (You are blessed fully)”.  


As per the orders of Shree Swami Samarth, Shree Beedkar Maharaj returned to Pune and started repeating continuously the words “Sadgururaj Mauli”19.  Next year when Shree Beedkar Maharaj went to Akkalkot for taking blessings, Shree Swami Samarth said, “The seed you have sown has grown into a mango tree.  Mangoes are getting ripe. When mangoes are fully ripe, your aim will be fulfilled”.  After one year again (third year) Shree Beedkar Maharaj went to Akkalkot and started rendering devotional service at the feet of Shree Swami Samarth. 


The Cobra


He remained there and continued his service at night by slow massage of the legs of Shree Swami Samarth. This went on throughout night but Shree Swami Samarth did not tell him to stop this massage even till the morning. But then, suddenly, a miracle took place.  A cobra appeared in between the knees of Shree Swami Samarth.  The cobra raised its hood and started hissing at Shree Beedkar Maharaj. This was a testing time of his virtue and courage. He fully succeeded in the test and Shree Swami Samarth blessed him fully and roared “You monstrous fellow, go away from here “and Shree Swami Samarth slapped Shree Beedkar Maharaj. With this slap, Shree Beedkar Maharaj instantly passed into a trance and entered Samadhi20, which lasted for 12 hours. Since the very moment, he experienced himself totally detached from worldly matters. Shree Beedkar Maharaj thus attained Vairagya21.


He regained consciousness only on the next day morning and he was so much delighted that it was inexpressible by words. Shree Swami Samarth ordered Shree Beedkar Maharaj to give a ceremonious dinner to a thousand Brahmins.  He had absolutely no money left with him to comply with his Guru's order.  Hence to earn money, he went on a horseback to sell his perfumes. Unfortunately in an accident the Horse fell down and the only box containing perfume bottles fell down and broke completely.  Shree Beedkar Maharaj managed to keep himself very calm. 


Shri Shrinivasrao was the administrator of the ruler of the then Akkalkot State, and through him Shree Beedkar Maharaj got the financial assistance for the ceremonial dinner to thousand Brahmins and thus he could fulfil the command of Shree Swami Samarth.  Further, Shree Swami Samarth said to Shree Beedkar Maharaj “You have given the dinner but still the dakshina22 is pending.  As dakshina to me, you have to immediately stop the business of medicinal roots as well as the business of converting base metal into gold”.  Shree Beedkar Maharaj bowed and agreed to follow the command. Then he said “I promise that I will not do this business. But I will teach this art to my associates". But due to this wish of Shree Swami Samarth, Shree Beedkar Maharaj did not succeed in continuing this business through any of his associates. Regarding the principle of Paramartha23, Shree Swami Samarth said, “Unless a man is hungry, do not feed him any food as it will not get digested”. There upon Shree Beedkar Maharaj said, "Anybody can feed a hungry person". It was with such magnanimity that he distributed freely amongst his devotees the wealth of spiritualism. Never would he feel tired of preaching


            Shree Beedkar Maharaj prepared a special perfume ashtagandha24 for the ruler of Akkalkot by using the perfume available in the broken bottles. The ruler was very much impressed by the ashtagandha perfume and paid a good price to Shree Beedkar Maharaj, who in turn utilized that amount, to pay back the loan money, taken for giving the ceremonial dinner to a thousand Brahmins.


            A person who was deeply absorbed in enjoying all the possible worldly pleasures of life throughout, now gets completely altered, to change his course of life as well as   struggles, to get the full blessings from a great preceptor, like Shree Swami Samarth the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. He further passes his life in the continuous singing of the hymns, in the praise of Shree Swami Samarth.  This is nothing else but a great miracle, which possibly occurred, due to the accumulated religious merit in a number of previous births, of that person. That person was none else than Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


The Narmada Parikrama28


            As per the command of Shree Swami Samarth, Shree Beedkar Maharaj started for the Narmada Parikrama.  With only two short dhotees, one for wearing and other for putting on the shoulder, he started his Parikrama, from Southern river bank.  “Would I come across any great yogi (sage) on the way?  Would there be any miracle on the way?  What is my destiny? “. With these thoughts, Shree Beedkar Maharaj reached Bharuch Gujarath State.


On his way, Shree Beedkar Maharaj, met one hot-tempered ascetic (Gosavi), who was staying on a hillock. Though Shree Beedkar Maharaj was on empty stomach for two days, the Gosavi (ascetic) sent him to fetch water in a large earthen pitcher, in the hot sun, from the river Narmada.  In the extreme noon heat, with the feet burning due to hot sand and stricken by acute hunger, Shree Beedkar Maharaj started invoking the name  of his preceptor, Shree Swami Samarth, and he filled up the pitcher.  But due to excessive fatigue and heat, he felt giddy and fell down and the pitcher broke down.  Shree Beedkar Maharaj, felt so sorry that he continued to invoke the name of his sadguru (preceptor), Shree Swami Samarth. At exactly the same time in the hermitage of Gosavi (ascetic), a miracle took place.  The idol of Lord Krishna, itself grew in size and started trembling.   By seeing this miracle, the Gosavi (ascetic) realized his mistake and went out in search of Shree Beedkar Maharaj and brought him to his hermitage. The Gosavi was a devotee of Lord Krishna and he believed totally in Sagunopasana (worshipping God as Form).  Shree Beedkar Maharaj convinced the Gosavi that the God with attributes (Sagun) and without attributes (Nirgun) is the same, as there is only one Supreme Lord without any attributes and further he also gave the Gosavi, the secrets of meditation.  He also advised the Gosavi, to give all help to the people, who come for Parikrama of the Narmada River and went ahead on his journey. 


            After sometime, he reached the hermitage of Fattargeerbua (Yogi) who was under a wrong impression that he himself was a great yogi. This Fattargeerbua was totally absorbed in matters like hermitage, disciple’s reverence, and ego etc. Shree Beedkar Maharaj took the unlit giant smoking pipe, which was the pride of the Fattargeerbua, and in the name of his sadguru, Shree Swami Samarth, took a deep breath and kindled the smoking pipe successfully and thereby won the confidence of the yogi.  After this, Shree Beedkar Maharaj sat in deep meditation whole day, in the temple shrine of the Sadguru (preceptor) of Shree Fattargeerbua. One day, Shree Fattargeerbua got a visionary insight and after confirmation of the fact, offered his obeisance to Shree Beedkar Maharaj as a guru, just like his own sadguru.  This incident shed down the ego of Shree Fattargeerbua and Shree Beedkar Maharaj gave him the advice “If you go after siddhi33, the illusion of ignorance will shield the true knowledge.  Your main aim should be to keep your own mind firm and steady and under control”.  So advising, Shree Beedkar Maharaj continued his journey.


The Tiger


            While going through the dense forest, due to thick darkness, he was not able to locate the road for his further journey.  Groping here and there in darkness, while he was invoking the name of his sadguru Shree Swami Samarth, he got a piece of small rusted iron.  With the help of that iron piece, he kindled fire and sat for meditation.  At some distance from the fireplace, he saw one tiger sitting in the form of death. Maintaining his presence of mind, looking at the tiger audaciously, he started continuously invoking the name of his sadguru Shree Swami Samarth.  Surprisingly the tiger went away.  The eyes of Shree Beedkar Maharaj started oozing tears on account of his sadguru’s affection towards him.


            In the morning, when he started walking ahead in the forest, he came to a broken border of the river Narmada.  As he was very thirsty, he jumped from the border in the sand and quenched his thirst by drinking enough Narmada river water. Then he started walking ahead in the sand along the river border, towards the source of the river.  After traversing about half a kilometre, he came to a dense cluster of trees and he got a wonderful surprise as he saw human footprints double the size of his own foot prints imprinted in the sand.  Following these footprints, he came to a cave and entered the same.  After walking ahead inside the cave, he came across an open space, enclosed by a fence and the clean road inside was decorated by bowers (creepers) of fragrant flowers on both sides. 


Walking along that road he came to the main gate and he was terrified to find the same tiger sitting there with closed eyes.  Then Shree Beedkar Maharaj realised that this was entirely the play of his sadguru, Shree Swami Samarth and he surrendered himself with full heart at the feet of his sadguru Shree Swami Samarth.  To his great surprise, he saw his sadguru (preceptor) Shree Swami Samarth himself in the place of the said tiger.  He washed the feet of his sadguru  Shree Swami Samarth, with his tears of joy.  Then Shree Swami Samarth said “My son, you need not be afraid.”


Shree Beedkar Maharaj became fearless, by the visionary sight of his sadguru Shree Swami Samarth and went ahead.  He came to a naturally beautiful and charming hermitage.  He entered the hermitage and saw an old yogi (ascetic) with a mass of matted hair on the head, wearing tiger skin and twice the size of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, deeply absorbed in meditation.  Shree Beedkar Maharaj paid obeisance to that great yogi, and appealed to him for the refutation of his diversity of sentiments.


The great yogi, with love, gave the obvious interpretation of the actual accomplishment of the human birth and also the principle of absorption into the essence of union (Brahma), to Shree Beedkar Maharaj.  The yogi also gave one root burnt in the fire, to Shree Beedkar Maharaj.  By eating this root, a yogi can continue for eight days without food.


By the grace of this great yogi, Shree Beedkar Maharaj completed the Parikrama of Narmada River and reached the main road.  By this main road he came to the hermitage of Shree Sane Swami.  Shree Sane Swami had the full knowledge of preparing Haritali Bhasm (ashes) as well as the knowledge of accomplishment of speech. With Haritali Bhasma, he was able to cure   any disease,. He was more popular as a physician, than a saint.  His procedure of taking bath was simply splendid.  His garb was that of a saint but he had no asceticism.  By seeing this, Shree Beedkar Maharaj explained to Shree Sane Swami, the actual ideals of asceticism.  For the satisfaction of Shree Sane Swami and also to change his tendency, Shree Beedkar Maharaj jumped into the deep part of the river filled with crocodiles.  As he had the full support of his Sadguru Shree Swami Samarth, he came out of the river, without any scratch.  By seeing this adventure of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, Shree Sane Swami completely lost his attachment to his body. 


During the Parikrama, he gave advice to saints as well as mendicants, whoever came across him, on the way, regarding the realization of the self as well as that of asceticism and then proceeded ahead on his journey. 


Trishulpani forest


In this stage of journey while traversing through the Trishulpani forest, Shree Beedkar Maharaj had to undergo a lot of obstacles.  It was impossible for him to go ahead.  Ultimately he started invoking continuously the name of his sadguru Shree Swami Samarth, and surrendered himself at the feet of his sadguru with an appeal, for the successful completion of the Parikrama of the Narmada River.  In the morning, Mata (mother) Narmada in the form of a milkmaid, came there and offered him a pot of milk.  No sooner he drank that milk, all his pains disappeared.  He started feeling very fresh.  He bowed himself before the milkmaid and went ahead.  On the way a hypocritical ascetic stopped him with a sword, raised to strike him.  But to the great surprise of that hypocritical ascetic, the sword became blunt by the mere sight of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


In the next stage of the journey, he met one great yogi by name Shree Vitthal Chaitanya, who helped Shree Beedkar Maharaj as a road guide, in his further journey. Shree Vitthal Chaitanya, also taught Shree Beedkar Maharaj, the art of overcoming the effects of heat and cold by Yoga.


In the next stage of the journey, the rich and generous people who normally used to help the travellers of Narmada River with useful things, met Shree Beedkar Maharaj, and gave him   the wooden slippers and a drinking vessel, made from a Kamandalu (gourd). It was only due to the repeated insistence by the donor that Shree Beedkar Maharaj accepted the same. By seeing this unselfish nature of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, the rich people spread his fame everywhere. This was the testing time for Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Instead of earning name and fame, by remaining in public, he decided to stay alone for the sake of God, and he left that place at night and arrived on the other side of the Narmada river bank near Bharuch. Just as the strong perfume of the Musk cannot remain hidden for long, similarly the fame of Shree Beedkar Maharaj spread everwhere.


Shree Beedkar Maharaj takes on the Piles illness from a Brahmin


One Gujarathi Brahmin who was fed up with life as he was severely afflicted by piles, had started from home to commit suicide in the Narmada River, but on the way by his great fortune, he went for the blessings of Shree Beedkar Maharaj and the Brahmin completely surrendered himself at his feet. Shree Beedkar Maharaj, advised the Brahmin “committing suicide is a great sin. You have to patiently endure the pains and pleasures allotted by destiny. You surrender yourself at the feet of the Supreme Lord for reducing the pain”. But the Brahmin who was totally fed up with severe pile illness, did not leave the feet of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, who mentally prayed “Instead of utilizing the super human power , wasting one’s religious merit  and losing one’s virtue ,let me personally take this illness  as well as pain  but the Brahmin be cured.” No sooner, Shree Beedkar Maharaj mentally took a decision as above, the Brahmin started feeling better but Shree     Beedkar Maharaj personally had to endure this illness all his life.


Trishulpani forest…again


To escape from public annoyance, Shree Beedkar Maharaj again entered the  Trishulpani forest. In the forest Shree Beedkar Maharaj was saved from becoming a prey of a huge python by a Bhil tribe. Again while proceeding  ahead in the forest , a wolf started following him and he  was compelled to go ahead in the same direction  and finally he reached one of the banks of  river Narmada, near a village (The bank of the river  is used  by village people to fetch water or for washing clothes etc). At this place Narmada Mata (mother Narmada ) appeared in the form of a beautiful lady and tested Shree Beedkar Maharaj by trying to distract his mind. But due to the kind grace of his sadguru Shree Swami Samarth, he totally remained calm without distraction and successfully stood the test.


After this, again he entered the Trishulpani forest and proceeded ahead and reached a very charming place called Shatadhara. In the deep part of the river Narmada at Shatadhara, one can find different types of ‘arrows’. Due to the obstinacy of a poor devotee, Shree Beedkar Maharaj jumped into the deep part of the river Narmada, took out an arrow known as Chandrasekhar and gave it to the poor devotee. Afterwards when Shree Beedkar Maharaj came to a dharmashala34 for resting, a Kanoj brahmin lady saint, who had attained the final stage in ascetism by severe penance, came to him for his blessings and Shree Beedkar Maharaj happily blessed her with anugraha (initiation).


When Shree Beedkar Maharaj was at Maheshwar (a village located on the route of Narmada river), he got the sorrowful news about the Mahasamadhi (the last conscious communion with God) taken by his sadguru Shree Swami Samarth. Through a visionary insight, his sadguru ordered him to complete the circumambulation of Narmada River, up to Omkar, which was the starting point of his journey. This Omkar island, located in Narmada river is a holy place having one of the twelve famous Lingam (the symbol of Lord Shiva) of Hindu God, Lord Shiva.


Hence forgetting all the sorrow, he proceeded ahead and came to a Muth (temple shrine) of an ascetic, at a place known as Pantha. The Muth was occupied by a lone yogi35, a Mathadhipati36 and the seat of his Guru (preceptor) which was being worshipped by them. Shree Beedkar Maharaj was told, that no worthy person as yet, had come there who could occupy the seat of his Guru. Shree Beedkar Maharaj went and sat on that seat and started meditating and started enjoying in-expressible bliss. Shree Beedkar Maharaj stayed in the Muth at Pantha for few days but there also more people started crowding the Muth for his blessings. Hence one night he suddenly left that Muth and proceeded towards his destination Omkar Island.


 As he had no money, the boatman refused to take him in the boat for crossing the Narmada River. Hence Shree Maharaj dared to walk in the water across the river. Seeing this bold act, the boatman changed his mind and gave the boat ride to Shree Beedkar Maharaj. A person in the boat recognized his true identity and he was very honoured, by all the other people, in the boat. After reaching the Omkar Island, he went inside the temple of Lord Shiva and sat for meditation in the room of Shree Janakidas Maharaj. At that time one Panchmukhi Nag (a cobra with five hoods) appeared before him and blessed him. The Mathadhipati of the Pantha Muth also came to Omkar Island in search of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


All the yogi’s present on the island, asked for meals from Shree Beedkar Maharaj. This time also, Mother Narmada came to his help and gave him a golden bangle for the expenses of the meals. All the ascetics were very happy after accepting the sumptuous meals. Thus Shree Beedkar Maharaj  successfully completed his Parikrama.



In the meantime ‘Aaisaheb’ (his wife, Smt. Janakibai) was not aware of this programme undertaken by her husband.  So she got worried. She searched for him everywhere, including the Gosavi Muth. Since she did not get any information about his whereabouts, she got very much upset and finally, she started the devotional service of her deity, Lord Vithoba (another form of Lord Krishna) and Goddess Rukminidevi. She prayed day and night. By this continuous service, Lord Vithoba was pleased and blessed Smt. Janakibai  by a visionary insight. Thus, Aaisaheb came to know from this visionary insight that Shree Beedkar Maharaj was at Omkar Island. She immediately proceeded there. She was extremely happy to join Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


Post Parikrama


After completing successfully the Parikrama of Narmada river, Shree Beedkar Maharaj came to Pune, He was staying at Kasaba Peth. He was very much beyond the condition of even thinking of doing any business for his daily maintenance or his future. Whatever conditions available, he used to be content with his life and devote all his time in the service of God. No sooner, the accumulated wealth with him was over, the near and dear ones left him and stopped coming to his house. By observing Shree Beedkar Maharaj doing nothing for his daily maintenance and giving away to public whatever available in his house, as well as leading a personal life without any demands from anybody, the common public started calling him a crazy man. There were   only few people knowing the true personality of Shree Beedkar Maharaj. On the contrary there were a number of mischievous people who took pleasure in calling him mad, vilifying him, and bringing disgrace to him, out of jealousy. To specifically mention in this mischievous group were one landlord Shri Thosar and one pensioner by name Shri Waknis, under the guise of politeness, used to vilify Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Inspite of their attempts for his vilification, Shree Beedkar Maharaj never uttered a single word of objection and continued his unflinching devotion in the service of God. Just like the fragrance of a flower on blooming, cannot be concealed and spreads automatically in all directions, so also the true personality of Shree Beedkar Maharaj which remained hidden from the publicity of fame and popularity, was being recognized by other yogis.


Shri Beedkar Maharaj used to go daily and sit in the Someshwer temple (temple of Lord Shiva) for half an hour to one hour. One day a lustrous dark coloured great ascetic, who can play flute with sweet tunes, had come to the Someshwar temple. This great ascetic recognised the true personality of Shree Beedkar Maharaj and asked him not only to sit near him but also allowed him to use his small smoking pipe (chilim). Further, this great ascetic informed other ascetics present in the temple, regarding the true personality and worthiness of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.  All the ascetics present there, got the personal experience about the divinity & worthiness of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


The mischievous pair, Shri Thosar and Shri Waknis, did not change their opinion. On the contrary, both used to come to Shree Beedkar Maharaj and trouble him. They used to start some unnecessary idle chat on any subject and then introduce Shree Beedkar Maharaj to some religious heads of the village for discussion, with the main purpose of enjoying the fun indirectly. Interestingly as a result of these discussions, many credulous religious minded people got benefited. And further due to the grace of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, some of their works, surprisingly used to get completed, and these people started to look after the welfare of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


One Shree Martandmama was behaving like a great yogi with just oral knowledge of yoga, without any deep practical knowledge. Shri Martandmama could not stabilise his sitting posture even for half an hour, when the same could be successfully done instantly, by Shri Beedkar Maharaj. Thereby Shree Martandmama learnt about his drawbacks and later on Shree Beedkar Maharaj and Martandmama became good friends.


Banaras & Prayag Yatra


Shri Shastribua was a neighbour of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, at Kasaba Peth; Pune. He was good at oratory but he used to hate the fully realized saint like Shree Beedkar Maharaj. He was an astrologer by profession. Shree Beedkar Maharaj sometimes used to point out some of the wrong astrological predictions made by Shree Shastribua. This was of course not appreciated by Shree Shastribua. Once, when Shri Shastribua was camping in the house of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, he started to test Shree Beedkar Maharaj by saying that Shree Beedkar Maharaj can maintain his livelihood only because he was settled down in Pune and as such the real test would be if he could survive outside of Pune. So Shri Shastribua planned Banaras pilgrimage for Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


Shree Beedkar Maharaj with insufficient funds, successfully completed the pilgrimage of Banaras along with his wife and Shri Shastribua. During the pilgrimage, he was helped by the Supreme Lord off and on, either in the disguise of a friend or a rich man, and thus the urgent needs of Shree Beedkar Maharaj were met.


During the Journey a rich man, who had bet money on speculation, had approached Shree Beedkar Maharaj, with the hope of not losing his money in the speculation. The rich man was rendered valuable advice, worth remembering by Shree Beedkar Maharaj, who said. “Instead of offering your prayers to a man, you should surrender yourself to that Supreme Lord. If you keep unflinching faith in the Supreme Lord, he will certainly get your work done. You will get the fruits as per your own actions. God always dwells in your heart in wakeful condition. God always comes to know even about your secret deeds and you will get your fruits accordingly. If at all God or saint does something in your life; it is that they just give you sadbuddhi (good sense). Since you do not know the predominance of your destiny you should go on doing your actions”.


“If one takes a vow or does penance or religious meditation with the intention of committing some theft or destroying somebody then one might probably get success. But one should not forget that it would also be a start of one’s own destruction too “.


After staying in the company of Shree Beedkar Maharaj and by listening to his wisdom talk, which changes the tendency of one’s nature  and also by seeing the actual miracles performed by Shree Beedkar Maharaj and by eating the sacred food, there was a complete change over in the nature of Shri Shastribua. Shree Shastribua later on requested the forgiveness from Shree Beedkar Maharaj. After being forgiven, Shri Shastribua returned to his own home.


In Banaras   Shree Beedkar Maharaj was totally confined to his room since he was suffering from indigestion and piles. Only his wife (Aaisaheb) could go out and take holy bath in river Ganga, visit the temple and comeback.


 The time taken by planet Guru (Jupiter), to travel from the sign of Aquarius to the sign of Pisces is considered as the period of pilgrimage for Kumbhmela fair. During this period, saints, ascetics, mendicants, come from different parts of India and abroad to take holy bath in river Ganga.

At the Kumbh Mela37


When Shree Beedkar Maharaj was in Banaras, this Kumbh Mela took place in the holy city Prayag. In this fair a very old and great yogi had come from a holy place Rishikesh. Shree Beedkar Maharaj desired to pay obeisance to this great yogi. There was too big a crowd between Shree Beedkar Maharaj and the Great Yogi. But It so happened that the yogi himself came there, finding his way in the thick crowd towards Shree Beedkar Maharaj and told Shree Beedkar Maharaj, to accompany him. Only a true yogi can recognize another great yogi.


After completing the Kumbh Mela fair in Prayag, Shree Beedkar Maharaj put himself up  in an old mansion, at a place called Brahmaghat. Another learned Brahmin by name Shri Pandurang Shastri Bhadkamkar, was also staying in the same mansion. After seeing his faith and devotion, Shree Beedkar Maharaj was pleased with him. . Shree Beedkar Maharaj showered his grace on Shree Pandurang Shashtri and helped him experience self-realization.


Once, Shree Krishnanand Swami met Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Both had a debate on a subject, regarding the action to be taken when an animal gets the human body.. Shree Krishnanand Swami said ”One should overcome the delusion from the mind and feel that God is in one’s heart and soul (Aham Brahmasmi). Shri Beedkar Maharaj gave a most poignant and practical reply to him “If you simply say rice rice, it would not satisfy your hunger. Practically you have to cook rice and eat. Only then, your tongue would tell about the taste. Once the rice goes in the stomach, it would quench one’s hunger. This in turn would bring the look of satisfaction on your face.”


Gaya Yatra


After completing the pilgrimage of Banaras and Prayag, he proceeded to another holy place, Gaya.  Here, Shree Maharaj predicted a rich resident’s wish of getting married for a third time, and this convinced the rich resident that Shree Beedkar Maharaj, was a Siddha Purush (fully realized Saint)


During his stay at Gaya, he came across an enchanter who used to get intoxicated and compel his disciples to undergo different types of intoxication. Once the enchanter gave a smoking pipe with highly intoxicating chandol herb, to Shree Beedkar Maharaj, with the intention of humiliating Shree Beedkar Maharaj. But to the great surprise of the enchanter, Shree Beedkar Maharaj was not affected at all by this heavily intoxicated  smoking pipe and instead, he went into deep meditation for hours together. By seeing this, the enchanter surrendered himself to Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Shree Beedkar Maharaj advised him as follows ”Every living being struggles for happiness. But while struggling for one’s happiness, one should take care to see that no adverse effect is being caused to others. There is no difference in the outward condition of a person, fully drunk and other person sleeping peacefully. But inwardly, the case of the first one shows ignorance, and the second one, shows knowledge. It is true that the gunas39, tamo guna (ignorance) and satva guna (wisdom), look similar from the point of view of happiness. But the fact is that the ignorance attribute which is based on inertia, takes you downwards, towards your own ruin or deterioration, whereas the wisdom attribute based on knowledge, takes you upward, towards the gate of emancipation or the freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth. This you should not forget”. By listening to this valuable advice of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, the enchanter was spiritually uplifted and attained emancipation. He confessed to his fault, and totally surrendered to Beedkar Maharaj.


At Gaya, Shree Beedkar Maharaj personally offered balls of rice to the manes (the spirits of the dead), at the feet of Lord Vishnu. After completing successfully the pilgrimage of the three holy places, Banaras, Prayag and Gaya, Shree Beedkar Maharaj proceeded to Audumber and Narsobawadi (in Maharashtra State) the holy places, of Lord Dattatreya.    


Journey to Audumber & Narsobawadi


In Audumber, he stayed in the dharmashala34, of Shri Bapat, along with his wife Aaisaheb. Though Shree Beedkar Maharaj had attained self-realization, his garb did not indicate him being a saint. Since he was accompanied by his wife Aaisaheb, people were unable to know his true identity and on the contrary they used to ridicule him.. But the temple worshipper got visionary insight about him and through this worshipper, people came to know about the greatness of, Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


Even then people who had gained half the spiritual knowledge, used to come there, to test Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Since Shree Beedkar Maharaj was already having intuitive knowledge, he used to already know about the real motive of the people coming there, and used to expose them openly.


In Audumber, there was a person called Pangale Shastri, who used to perform various religious ceremonials to obtain Siddhis33. When he met Shree Beedkar Maharaj, he was pulled up by Shree Beedkar Maharaj who advised Shastriji “In a holy place like this, by muttering sacred hymns and obtaining a mean type of siddhi, for the benefit of monetary gains, for gratification of the senses and for the establishment of greatness, was a sure way to hell and ultimately, you would writhe with pain due to worms in your mouth”. This piercing advice of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, sorely affected Shri Shastriji. But he did not change his principles. He became a very rich man on the strength of his siddhi. But within a few days he became sick, due to indigestion and he really experienced the writhing of worms in his mouth. Ultimately, he again went to Shree Beedkar Maharaj and totally surrendered to him.


After staying in Audumber for two months, Shree Beedkar Maharaj proceeded to the holy place-Narsobawadi. From there he then proceeded to holy places, Ambabai (Kolhapur Dist.), and Jyotiba, nearby. At Jyotiba, Lord Jyotiba (Lord Shiva) personally appeared before Aaisaheb, the wife of Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Further as per the request of Shri Khatyal, the temple worshipper of Lord Jyotiba, Shree Beedkar Maharaj gave him spiritual advice and showed him the path of virtue.


Journey to Dehu & Alandi


Shree Beedkar Maharaj, wanted to check up the effectiveness of the holy places, Dehu and Alandi (Pune Dist), so he again left his house and started for his journey with only two dhotee8.


It appeared as though his welfare was totally dependent on God himself. This was evident from the fact that different people got visionary insight at different times, for making advance arrangement for his stay and food etc. This clearly shows the extent of graciousness of the Lord, to those who have sought his shelter.


In Alandi also saint Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, gave visionary insight to a Brahmin and arranged for the complete hospitality of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


Here an interesting incident took place. Saint Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj sent a beautiful lady, in the service of Shree Beedkar Maharaj to test his divine nature, acquired by penances as well as his fortitude and moral endurance. Shree Beedkar Maharaj, who was above all worldly pleasures and who was one with Parabrahma42, passed this test.


Next day before leaving for the holy place Dehu, Shree Beedkar Maharaj went to  meet the Saint Shree Narsimha Saraswati Maharaj in Alandi, to pay obeisance.. Both of them had a conversation about the subject Parmarth23.


When Shree Beedkar Maharaj, arrived in the holy place Dehu it was a day prior to Gokulashtami43. The people of Dehu were preparing for observing fast on the Gokulashtami day and as such nobody paid any attention to Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Hence he did not get any food to eat, but at about midnight, a householder   brought and gave him one vati (small cup) full of Prasad44.


On the following day, he visited the grand but ancient temple of Lord Shiva, situated at the foot of Bhalchandra Hill. As he was about to go inside the innermost part of the temple, where the idols of deities are kept, and give a bath & offer nirgudi leaves to the idol of Lord Shiva, a  Cobra, appeared before him and blessed him. With this blessing, he entered the innermost part of the temple, with confidence and worshipped Lord Shiva.


Here also, in and around the Temple there was no sign of anyone either visiting this temple or cleaning the surroundings or worshipping the idol of Lord Shiva, but still he found a pillar of man’s height, standing in the corner of the innermost part of this temple. On the pillar, there was an earthen pot, containing an oil bottle, matchbox, a small rice bag, a small flour bag, a small pipe, two small vessels, a small culinary pot, a small ladle, and even a small money bag. He was very much surprised to find these items arranged properly in the pot, probably by Lord Shiva, entirely for his use. He cleaned the temple, then lighted an oil lamp, and made the temple lustrous. Then he worshipped the idol of Lord Shiva, offered food and sat before Lord Shiva, meditating. Here at midnight, a miracle took place and Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, appeared before Shree Beedkar Maharaj, and blessed him.


An Avadhoot appears in front of Shree Beedkar Maharaj


He climbed the Bhalchandra Hill alone, though it was very difficult to climb as it was infested by tigers. He went to the spot previously occupied by the saint Shree Tukaram Maharaj and sat there for meditation. On the third day an Avadhoot (an incarnation of three headed God Dattatreya) with a Trishul45 in hand, appeared before Shree Beedkar Maharaj and   spoke to him “I am the ultimate of all yogas46. I am the Omnipresent and Omniscient. I am the Supreme Living Entity of all the living entities. I alone am maintaining all life. The saints like Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Shree Tukaram Maharaj also had realised, that there was no separate existence. Hence instead of persisting here please depart from this place”.


As per this command of the Avadhoot, Shree Beedkar Maharaj left the Bhalchandra Hill and went to Bhandara Hill and then came to Dehu. From Dehu, he went to Chinchwad in Pune and visited the temple shrine of Shree Morya Gosavi, took the blessings and then took rest in the same temple-shrine. Shree Ganapatrao Maharaj, the person in charge of the temple-shrine, made all the arrangement for the stay of Shree Beedkar Maharaj. After Chinchwad, Shree Beedkar Maharaj returned to Pune.


Back to Pune & Daily routine


Due to the deteriorating financial condition, Shree Beedkar Maharaj was indirectly benefited in a big way, as all his relatives as well as his friends, stopped visiting his house and Shree Beedkar Maharaj  could calmly concentrate on deep meditation .


His daily routine was to sleep after 11.p.m. at night and not to come out of the room till 11.a.m. in the morning. He was following this routine very strictly since he did not want any hindrance in his deep meditation. The wife of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, though, she was affectionate, straightforward, frank and generous, was stubborn with desire for riches. Because of her constant teasing nature, he got so much disturbed that he finally sold his own house, to maintain his family.


As Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to get himself absorbed in deep meditation day and night, his wife was getting very angry about him, on account of the shortage of money in the house. His wife Smt. Janakibai (Aaisaheb) did not come to know about the greatness of her husband till her death, as she could not realize the true identity of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


Shree Beedkar Maharaj, who was always busy enjoying Supreme bliss, did not like that his unsought conduct should burden other people. So he decided to make at least one trip in a year for selling perfumes. He used to start on Kojagiri47, full moon day, for selling his perfumes and return home only on Narak Chaturdashi48 day. He did this business till 1896, purely for shouldering family responsibility. But that year a miracle took place.  The empty perfume bottles kept in the box, were found to be spontaneously filled up with perfume. It was a great miracle, and he thought “He who fills my bottles with perfume, would he neglect me even if I sit at home?” With this thought from that day onwards, Shree Beedkar Maharaj decided to stop his business.


The British Soldier


After 1896 onwards, the livelihood of Shree Beedkar Maharaj was being looked after by the Supreme Lord.  During the year 1896, the epidemics of the plague spread every where in Pune, which was at the time, under British Rule.  The British soldiers used to go from door to door to check for any plague patients. But Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to stop these soldiers from entering the house, by uttering loudly  in broken English “Temple, God, Cooking room”. By hearing these words, the British soldiers used to turn back from the door of his house.


Once due to an anonymous complaint, from public, a British soldier came to his house for inspection and he started going inside without caring for the objections raised by Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Shree Beedkar Maharaj tried to stop him by force and the soldier slipped and fell down on the staircase.  His leg was injured. The people in his locality were happy that Shree Beedkar Maharaj would now be arrested and taken away. On the contrary the injured soldier was scolded upon by the British officer-in-charge for entering the house of Shree Beedkar Maharaj. This surprising event took place due to the strong impression made by the brilliant speech of Shree Beedkar Maharaj on the British officer-in-charge.


“Why me alone, I can take you with me and jump down”


Afterwards, Shree  Beedkar Maharaj  went to Saptashringee hill where the temple of Goddess Saptashringee is located. There he met his fellow student a great yogi who had attained perfection, Shree Sadanand Swamy. On the eastern side of the Saptashringee hill, there was a frightful broken cliff (a high steep rock) located on a great height and called as sheetkhada. It was an existent custom that to avert a great calamity in one’s life, one takes a vow to jump down, risking one’s life, from this frightful cliff. Shree Sadanand Swamy while chit-chatting, asked Shree Beedkar Maharaj   “Would you be able to jump down from this cliff?” Shree Beedkar Maharaj  replied “Why me alone, I can take you with me and jump down.” By saying so, Shree Beedkar Maharaj grasped the hand of Shree Sadanand Swamy and jumped down from the cliff. It was safely done except for the minor sprain, in their legs. Shree Sadanand Swamy remarked “I was totally insignificant before you.”


Deteriorating Health & Plague


From Saptashringee, Shree Beedkar Maharaj returned to Pune and changed his residence from Kasaba Peth to Shukrawar Peth and took a place on rental, in Galimkar Mansion.


As the piles problem became more severe, Shree Beedkar Maharaj was brought to Thane (Mumbai) for treatment, by Shri Balawantrao, who was rendering personal service in his sickness. There was no improvement by the medicines. Finally, Shree Beedkar Maharaj stopped all the medicines and continued the treatment only by drinking buttermilk for one week. As a result of this treatment, the lump, which had formed in the groin, due to the plague, burst open on its own. This was a clear indication, of the fearlessness, self-confidence and the control of body and mind of Shree Beedkar Maharaj. After recovery Shree Beedkar Maharaj returned to Pune.


 Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to fall sick very often. To render personal service to Shree Beedkar Maharaj, Shri Balwantrao Bhagwat used to come to Pune now and then. The relatives and known people of Shri Balwantrao also started visiting the house of Shree Beedkar Maharaj. When the disturbance from the visiting crowd became intolerable, Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to put up a fierce external appearance and start uttering abuses to the people, so that people avoid coming to him. Even then when the friends of Shri Balwantrao came to meet him, they would expect milk, tea, maize spikes, groundnuts, cucumbers, figs, mangoes, etc. For all this money was needed.


When Shri Balwantrao used to prepare the list of items to be brought, Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to put his hand below the mattress and take out the required money. Once Shree Balwantrao made sure that there was no money below the mattress, but when the time came for him to buy groceries, Shree Beedkar Maharaj as usual, put his hand below the Mattress and gave him the right amount to buy the required groceries. Shri Balwantrao never understood the source of this money and used to get very much surprised. This was just a tiny fraction of the superhuman powers that Shree Beedkar Maharaj had  and utilized it nearly for two years.


Shri Balwantrao went to different places and tried to attain superhuman power (siddhi), just like Shree Beedkar Maharaj, but did not succeed.  Later on Shree Beedkar Maharaj advised him “with determination, love and with full attention, carry on meditation. With practice, you can achieve the object. You have to always try to acquire the fruits by unflinching faith.”


After this Shri Balwantrao  went to Thane (Mumbai) without the approval of Shree Beedkar Maharaj and died there due to plague. Shree Beedkar Maharaj was under severe shock but this itself was the testing time for his endurance. Actually he had become very weak, due to the severity of the piles. His wife, (Aaisaheb) suffered from plague and became deaf and very weak  which added to his misery.


Further, Dr. Narayanrao Ranade, who used to come to him regularly, also suffered from plague. But Shree Beedkar Maharaj instead of admitting Dr Narayanrao  to the plague Hospital, served him personally & thoroughly, even by feeding him with sweet dishes, like kheer and shira. Later, due to the kind grace of Shree Beedkar Maharaj,Dr. Narayanrao Ranade was saved from the jaws of death.


Though Shree Beedkar Maharaj was suffering, under these traditional circumstances of calamities, the Supreme Lord was fully supporting him and somebody always used to come with the necessities, required for his day to day welfare. On account of the ill-health of his wife, Shree Beedkar Maharaj took her to a village Shirdona, for a change of climate. In Shirdona, he came across a great devotee of Lord Ganesh, Shree Damodar Balawant Bahutule alias Anna Maharaj, who was also a great celibate from the beginning. Right from the year 1903 Shree Anna Maharaj came and stayed with Shree Beedkar Maharaj to render personal service, to Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Before taking Mahasamadhi (the last conscious communion with God) Shree Beedkar Maharaj nominated Shree Anna Maharaj  ,to take his place. Shree Anna Maharaj looked after the seat of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, with great devotion for twelve years.

Daily life at Shaniwarpeth


From the village Shirdona, Shree Beedkar Maharaj, proceeded to another holy place Bhimashankar and from Bhimashankar, he came back to Pune and again changed his residence.


So during the year 1903 onwards, he started staying in a newly purchased house with sr.no 191, in Shaniwarpeth. There was a small temple  of Lord Shiva, in the house. Shree Beedkar Maharaj also installed the photographs of Lord Dattatreya, Hanuman (Monkey-God), Shree Akkalkot Swami Samarth, Shree Narsimha swami as well as the photographs of saints like Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, Shree Ramdas Swami, and Shree Narsimha Saraswati. Along with these photographs, there were also photographs of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, as well as that of Aaisaheb. Shree Beedkar Maharaj started the daily ritual of garlanding all the photographs, along with that of his family deities. One day, the florist did not come with the flowers and to avoid any break in the daily ritual of garlanding the photographs, Shree Beedkar Maharaj personally went to the flower market and brought the flowers.


After coming to this new house, there was some improvement, in the health, of Shree Beedkar Maharaj. The daily time, to meet him and take his blessing, was fixed between 12.00 noon to 2.30pm and 5.00pm to 11.00pm. During this period, the devotees used to come for his blessings.


Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to start extensive conversation with devotees, on any subject giving all details about the subject. The very fact that Shree Beedkar Maharaj, could talk continuously for nearly ten hours on any subject, giving full details, was nothing but a divine miracle. The memory power of Shree Beedkar Maharaj was so strong, that nobody could compete with him, in conversation on any topic.


A number of devotees used to take benefit of these conversations. Some devotees who used to pass mischievous pranks, at the cost of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, had to shamefully return due to the effect of the harsh language used by Shree Beedkar Maharaj, in order to expose them.


His Teachings & Wisdom


Smt. Godutai Ketkar was one of the devotees, of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, with boundless faith. She came to him with her grandson, who was on death bed. But Shree Beedkar Maharaj gave her a mouthful of harsh words. Even then, she did not lose her faith and confidence in him. She remained calm. In the evening, her grandson started improving In health. In fact, the harsh words, spoken by Shree Beedkar Maharaj, became blessings for the grandson.   Shree Beedkar Maharaj considered publicity and fame as a hindrance in spiritual life and so always wanted to avoid it. Hence, he used to utter abuses and behave like a mad person, or a devil, so that people avoid coming to him.


Keeping oneself in contact of this world is itself one’s fate, which one should personally endure and finish.. These were the golden words of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.   Someone once asked him “When you have the power, to do or undo things, why don’t you break the bad habits of that obstinate person, in front of you?”. For that Shree Beedkar Maharaj replied as follows “To the utmost degree, I have experienced the pleasure, as well as the pain. I was simply possessed by egoism after I realized the power, to do and undo things. By using this power, I have cured the illness of many persons. I have accomplished the most impossible deeds. But now that my egoism had been totally burnt and reduced to ashes, the question of my egoism sprouting again, does not arise. My egoism had been totally surrendered at the feet of my sadguru Shree Swami Samarth. Hence I do not have any authority over my egoism”.


Since Shree Beedkar Maharaj  had attained the highest goal in the spiritual field, he always used to give a firm advice  to his devotees, who come to him for blessings. He used to say “Everything is in your hands. Things would only happen, as per your devotion”


For the people with pride who come and stay in his house, to render personal service to him, normally used to get  a rough treatment, with harsh words from him, just like a wasp,  start stinging its larva, and does not lose, the opportunity, to give its own form. The main purpose of reprimanding the personnel staff by Shree Beedkar Maharaj, was to reduce their egoism, and thus purify their minds. But in fact, there used to be pure love in his mind towards his staff.


As per the golden words of Shree Beedkar Maharaj  just as one pays keen attention in one’s day to day transactions, if one diverts, the same keen attention towards Divine Truth, then the attainment of Divine Truth, would not be impossible. Because of this external attitude of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, one would not know his true identity, unless one comes  in  his close association.


Temple in Nashik


Shree Beedkar Maharaj ordered Shree Vishnupant Samarth, his brother Nath, and Gautam Shastri, to build a temple of Lord Dattatreya, in Nasik town and start rendering daily service to Lord Dattatreya. This group started the work but realized afterwards the hurdles in raising the donations, for building the temple. The main purpose of Shree Beedkar Maharaj for ordering this group to build the temple, was to reduce their egoism and awaken their self-confidence and  strengthen their faith.


After completion of the temple building, Shri Vishnupant, personally brought Shree Beedkar Maharaj, for celebrating the first anniversary festival of the birthday of Lord Dattatreya. A number of hurdles cropped up during the celebration, but in time, all the difficulties used to get solved easily. Not only did the loan taken for the building of the temple got completely paid up, but there was also a credit of rupees twenty-five, with the temple. All these miracles, took place only on account of the Divine blessings of Shree Beedkar Maharaj.


During this period  Saints like, Shree Jangali Maharaj from Pune, Shree Bangali Mantrik and Shree Gopalbua from Nasik, all respected Shree Beedkar Maharaj, as a fully realized saint (yogi).Also Shri Beedkar Maharaj used to pay profound reverence to the great saints from Maharashtra state during that period,  like Shree Gajanan Maharaj (from Shegaon), Shree Nanak Maharaj (from Sonagar), Shree Khalamma (from Bhusaval), Shree Dhondibua(from palaos), Shree Saibaba (from Shirdi), Shree Gopalbua, Shree Gangubai, Shree Avadhootbua and Shree Maulabua (all from Nasik), Shree Jahagirdar (fromTrimbak) etc. Shree Beedkar Maharaj also used to advise his devotees to take blessings from these great saints.


After returning from Nasik, Shree Beedkar Maharaj once again changed his life style. He started playing the game of chess. Even though he was playing the game he always used to educate the people around him including the devotees as well as the personal staff, to reduce their egoism, purify their minds and awaken their self confidence, while also strengthening their faith.


Aaisaheb and her final days


The wife of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, Aaisaheb, never realized the true identity of the saintliness of Shree Beedkar Maharaj, till her death. But she strictly observed the principles of a chaste and dutiful wife, as per the Hindu system till the end. She was very much painstaking, affectionate, and that is why people used to call her by the name “Aaisaheb”. After getting affected by plague, health of Aaisaheb had deteriorated and she had vowed that she would leave this mundane world, earlier to her husband, Shree Beedkar Maharaj. She was a real devotee  of Lord Vithoba and Goddess Rukminidevi.   She had profound trust in the Hindu customs, viz. God worship, pilgrimage, charitable acts, family duties, family traditions, feeding thousand Brahmins etc, and she carried out all these customs, during her life time.


As per her vow, she left this mundane world on Monday evening Shravan Shuddha Shashthi year 1833, as per Hindu calendar, and July or August 1912, as per English calendar, due to typhoid fever, and earlier to Shree Beedkar Maharaj. Even during this period, Shree Beedkar Maharaj was always in the ever blissful state of God consciousness. He performed all the last rites of his wife, Aaisaheb, through Shree Anna Maharaj (Shree Damodar Balawant Bahutule) who was staying with them at the time and who was always treated as her son, by Aaisaheb.


After the expiry of Aaisaheb, Shree Beedkar Maharaj used to say”My time is also limited now”. Six months prior to this, he had given up his evening meal. Two days prior to his departure from this mundane world, he prepared his last will. His devotees very close to him, got visionary insight foretelling about the departure of Shree Beedkar Maharaj from this mundane world.



After Dasnavami day (the birthday of saint Shree Ramdas), Shree Beedkar Maharaj‘s fever began rising. To add to this, he was still more perturbed by the severe piles problem. On the Shivratri49day he began vomitting, and his illness became more severe. In spite of this severe illness, he always used to give advice to the devotees, close to him and present there, about the duties to be performed and the manners of good behaviour etc. In the end, he used to say, “All of you please go away from here. Let me endure my fate”. From Monday evening onwards, he started getting urinary problems. While enduring his fate, he used to utter “Ambe, Ambe, Sadguru, Sadguru”. At night, after 10.45 p.m. onwards, he did not speak a single word. He concentrated his sight in the centre of the eye brows.   


On Tuesday, 1st April 1913 (Falgun Vadya Dashami Shake 1834 as per Hindu Calendar), Shree Beedkar Maharaj, took Mahasamadhi. He had not made any preparation for his Samadhi, as he used to say “After death what difference does it make, whether this body is burnt to ashes or buried in the ground”. On account of this remark his body was cremated as per the Hindu rites.


Shree Beedkar Maharaj was a much-loved disciple, and an ardent devotee of Shree Akkalkot Swami Samarth. He endured his fate without any grumbling, till the end. He always used to explain the key secrets of life to the people around him, including the devotees and personal staff and persuade them to shed their egoism, purify their minds, awaken their self confidence and strengthen their faith. He completely surrendered his self, and became one with the universal Soul, also known as  Eternal Element, the Supreme Entity or the Supreme Almighty. To surrender one’s self to the Supreme Almighty and become one with it, was the highest stage of devotion and thus Shree Beedkar Maharaj attained eternal bliss.


His human body which was constituted of five great elements i.e. earth, water, fire, air and ether, got finally merged in those five elements.


It is still experienced that the devotees who pray him with unadulterated dedication receive his full blessings.            





Picture of Sow. Janakibai

(Wife of Shree Beedkar Maharaj)







1              Vasudev Cap                          Special type of cap worn by mendicants

2              Tulsibaug & Belbaug                                               Places in Pune city

3              Pandharpur                             A holy place in Maharashtra famous for the

Deity Vithoba


4              Palakhi                                     Palanquin carrying the idol of Lord Vithoba who is

the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

5              Badawa                                  Worshipper priest of the deity Vithoba.

6              Dhule                                       A city in the State of Maharashtra.

7              Saptashringee                         A place located in NasikMaharashtra State.

8              Dhotee                                     The traditional Indian cotton trouser.

9              Sanyasi                                   Ascetic.

10                  Veeda                                     Roll of betel leaves with thirteen constituents

                                                                including Saffron and musk.

11            Samai                                      Upright metal lamp stand.  

12            Puneri Shoes                           Special type of shoes made in Pune,


13             Hanuman                                Monkey God.  As per Hindu religion

Hanuman was a great devotee of Lord Rama – the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

14            Brahmins                                                The traditional higher caste wherein the person

is a expert in the knowledge of Veda's & other Vedic texts.

15                   Jahagirdaar                            Holder of Govt. land.

16                   Fakir                                        A Muslim mendicant.

17                   Avalia                                     A man absorbed in contemplation.

18                   Pooja Sahitya                          Materials and objects needed to worship a


19                   Sadgururaj Mauli                     A good preceptor is looked upon as a mother.

20                   Samadhi                                  Superconscious experience.

21            Vairagya                                                 Non-attachment for worldly pleasures

22            Dakshina                                 Money given to the Brahmin as fees as per the

Hindu custom.

23            Paramartha                              The highest and the most excellent object

Viz. The attainment and enjoyment of the

Divine Nature.

24            Ashthagandha                        A mixture of a variety of perfumes.

Normally 8 different kinds of perfumes.

25                  Kedgaon                                  Near Nagar District, Maharashtra State.

26                  Raver                                     The then Khandesh State, Now in Maharashtra


27                  Kalyan                                     Place in Maharashtra state.

28                  Parikrama                                Pradakshina - Circumambulation.

29                  Muth                                        Temple-shrine.


30            Gabhara                                  The innermost room in a temple where the idol

of the deity is installed).

31            Upasana                                  Worship

32            Swaroop Sampradaya            A sect, wherein the aspirant concentrates on

viewing the ‘Atman’ – the soul

33            Siddhi                                      Superhuman power gained by awakening the


34            Dharmashala                           A charitable institution meant for

accommodation of travellers

35            Yogi                                         Ascetic

36            Mathadhipati                            Head of the Temple Shrine

37            Mela                                         Fair - Social Gathering

38            Siddha Purush                         Fully realized Saint. A Saint who has reached

the pinnacle of spirituality.

                                                                A person who is ONE with God.

39            Gunas                                     Attributes

40            Tamo Guna                              Ignorance Attribute

41            Satva Guna                             Wisdom Attribute

42            Parabrahma                             Almighty God

43            Gokulasthami                           The birth day of Lord Krishna. It is celebrated

on the twenty third

day of Shravan    month as per Hindu calendar, and August month as per English calendar

44            Prasad                                     Food offered  to deity.

45            Trishul                                     The trident of Lord Shiva.

46            Yoga                                       Yoga means concentrating the mind upon the

Supreme Lord by controlling the ever disturbing senses.

47            Kojagiri                                    The Full Moon night spent in,the month of

Ashwin as per Hindu Calendar and October.

 Or November as per English Calendar.

48            Narak Chaturdashi                  This comes on the fourteenth day of the

second fortnight of Ashwin month,  as per Hindu Calendar and October or November month, as per English calendar.

49            Shivratri                                   The night of the fourteenth day of second

fortnight of a month.

50            Mahasamadhi                          The last conscious communion with God

51            Alchemy                                  The art of converting base metals into Gold.


Temple Information


Shree Sadguru Baba Maharaj Sahasrabuddhe Samadhi Mandir
Shree Sadguru Digambardas Maharaj Samadhi Mandir

937 / D, Chatushrungi Road,
Near Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk,
Pin Code : 411 016.
Maharashtra State
Phone : 020-5655021
Timings :
06.30 A.M. to 11.00 A.M. and 03.30 P.M. to 06.00 P.M. (IST)

Akkalkot-Niwasi Shree Swami Samarth Mandir

Shree Swami Samarth Nagar,
Off Four Bunglows,
Andheri (West),
Pin Code : 400 053
Maharashtra State
Phone : 022 - 633 30 30
Timings :
06.00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M. and 04.00 P.M. to 09.00 P.M. (IST).

Shree Shiv-Samarth Gad and Temple Campus

Shree Kshetra Dervan,
Tal. Chiplun,
Pin Code : 415 606
Maharashtra State
Phone : 02355-34049
Timings : Gad -
08.00 A.M. to 06.00 P.M. (IST)
Temples - 08.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon and 02.00 P.M. to 06.00 P.M. (IST)
Shree Kshetra Dervan - located on Durgawadi road, 3 kms. from Savarde. Savarde - a village on Mumbai -
Goa highway, 16 Kms. from Chiplun



1. Shri Sadguru Ramanand Beedkar Maharaj Yanche Charitra

Author: Late Lakshaman Ganesh Bapat